Carson Calls for Investigation of ‘Supporter of Terrorism’ CAIR in War Against ISIS

PicMonkey Collage - CarsonRemember how Ben Carson proposed that the IRS should investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for voicing its objections to his comments about Muslims in October? Well, it seems Carson is taking aim at the advocacy group again, for he suggested that America should make it part of the national anti-ISIS strategy to scrutinize the organization as “an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Carson released his plan for protecting America and waging war against ISIS on his website today, in a pre-emptive outline of what might be discussed regarding national security tonight in the CNN GOP debate. In the seventh provision of the statement, however, Carson seems to have taken calls for scrutiny on CAIR to a new level by suggesting the State Department should investigate them as a “supporter of terrorism”:

This marks the latest in Carson’s rocky relationship with CAIR, for the advocacy group previously called his view on Muslims reprehensible for suggesting that a follower of Islam should not be president.

While the organization has been challenged to encourage Muslims to more-passionately condemn terrorism from Islamic extremists, CAIR did offer a platform for relatives of the San Bernardino shooters to denounce the massacre.

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