Catholic League Blasted on Twitter for Dismissing Church’s Sexual Abuse Crisis as ‘Total Myth’


Bill Donohue‘s American Catholic advocacy group, the Catholic League, is coming under a lot of fire today for insisting that the widespread sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church is a “total myth.”

The Vatican faced heavy criticism for the last few days over an 884-page Pennsylvania grand jury report which found that over 300 priests sexually preyed upon more than 1,000 kids over the last 70 years. These acts of misconduct were reportedly covered up throughout the decades, and the church was lambasted for remaining silent about the report until a representative for Pope Francis finally acknowledged the alleged abuses as “criminal and morally reprehensible.”

In the midst of all this, the Catholic League issued a statement from Donohue, who made the counterargument that the media was trying to sensationalize a false crisis based on an inconclusive report. Here’s the tweet the League released to direct people to Donohue’s piece.

As you might’ve expected with that kind of Twitter ratio, the statement is getting torn apart for Donohue’s dismissal of the allegations and attempts to whitewash the objectionable conduct described in the original report.

Based on this tweet though, it seems the Catholic League has no intention of walking things back.

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