Catholic League Pres Annoyed by Reaction to Trump’s Cursing: ‘We Can’t Act Like Little Virgins!’


The President of the Catholic League Bill Donohue appeared on CNN’s Smerconish Saturday morning and absolutely blasted the culture of vulgarity that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has contributed to.

Following a (hilariously) edited montage that featured the “greatest hits” of Trump’s poor language on the campaign trail, host Michael Smerconish offered to Donohue, “You’d be saying the rosaries if you went to confession tomorrow and had to acknowledge that you had done all that!”

Donohue, a fierce defender of the values of the Catholic Church, took the state of American culture to task. He managed to implicate networks like BET and MTV, identifying that “the vulgarity culture is sexual,” before acknowledging the about-face that has occurred regarding Trump’s language:

You know what is amazing? We for the last 20, 30 years in our music — anybody ever watch BET or MTV? — what we have been doing out of Hollywood, what’s going on in radio and television and movies… the fact that we are so crude in the way we hit people and then all of a sudden when a politician says something this… we get upset about it. The vulgarity culture is sexual, it’s disgusting, and Trump contributes to it and to that extent I’m against him. But all of a sudden, we can’t act like little virgins, OK? We’ve been allowing this kind of language to go on for a long time and if I speak up about it, I’m a prude. Now all of a sudden it’s cool to say this is wrong.

Yes, that was the President of the Catholic League telling Smerconish, “We can’t act like little virgins!” If you notice, Smerconish can hardly hide his enthused reaction at the comment.

The conversation also comes at a time when Trump has admitted he would be cutting back on much of his caustic rhetoric, presumably as the campaign shifts focus to South Carolina. Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip appeal nationally seems to be a message that needs fine-tuning to earn the trust of the Palmetto State faithful, who vote for their Republican candidate of choice one week from today.

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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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