Celebrity Chef José Andrés: DC Restaurant Booted Me From Event Featuring Ivanka Trump


Celebrity chef José Andrés took to Twitter late Saturday evening to call out D.C.-area restaurant Cafe Milano for barring him from attending an after party at the establishment that featured President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. Showing a picture of himself outside the doors of the restaurant, Andrés questioned if Ms. Trump had asked the owner to have him booted from the event.

Cafe Milano hosted the after party for the Alfalfa Club dinner, a political event that Andrés had attended earlier in the night. A friend of the celebrity chef, diplomat Jorge Guajardo, tweeted out Sunday morning that owner Franco Nuschesse had asked Andrés to leave because “his presence made Ivanka Trump uncomfortable.”

Andrés has been a fierce critic of Donald Trump since pulling out of a business arrangement with the Trump Organization following Trump’s disparaging comments about Mexicans when announcing his presidential bid. This led to Trump filing a breach of contract lawsuit and Andrés countersuing. Those lawsuits were settled in August 2017.

With Guajardo’s and Andrés’ tweets going viral, Cafe Milano’s account took to the social media platform to apologize to the chef for any misunderstanding and state that Ivanka Trump had no role in keeping Andrés out of the party.

Andrés tweeted his acceptance of the apology while also stating that Ivanka had reached out to him and he now believes she had nothing to do with him getting the boot. He still wanted to know, however, why he was the only one barred from attending the party.

The Washingtonian also reported that a source close to Ivanka Trump that “this never happened” and Ivanka “had nothing to do with the guest list and never said anything.”

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