Charles Krauthammer: Technology Has Made It Far Easier to ‘Terrorize Your Enemy’

Fox contributor says the fight is 'happening here.'

TruckFox contributor Charles Krauthammer said that technology, and the rapid broadcasting of terror attacks to a global audience, served to empower terrorists.

“In the 19th century, terrorism was defined as the propaganda of the deed,” he said. In today’s world, he observed, any bystander with an iPhone could amplify and broadcast video evidence of “the deed” around the globe in an instant — in effect, spreading the propaganda.

This occurred with the “conjunction of one other horrible development — which is this terror organization that thrives, glorifies brutality.”

“And what it does for them is the idea that you can terrorize your enemy, and also to recruit the more disturbed and sadistic people in the world who want to follow this into their own distorted promised land. So it has two purposes, which is why it will continue,” he said.

“In the end, this is what was said ten, fifteen years ago, after 9/11: We have a choice. We have to fight them there, or we will fight them here. Obviously, it’s happening here.”

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