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Chris Brown Tries To “Crawl” Back Into The Spotlight Again

brown_10-21Chris Brown has a new single out today, “Crawl,” which vaguely touches on his abuse of his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. So today he’s out making the media rounds, in an interview with Angie Martinez on New York radio station Hot 97.

In much the same way his August Larry King interview didn’t help his reputation, this one isn’t going to do much for him either.

Here’s the first part of the interview, which has done a great job posting in near real-time.

“I feel like I would never have had to have this kind of interview with you,” said Martinez at the beginning. “How should we feel about you? Should we not be mad at you? Why shouldn’t we be?”

“It’s not really a thing of like, how you should feel, I feel like you should just be human, because at the end of the day I’m human,” Brown said. Well – it’s not much of an apology (he got to that a little later), but it sets the stage for his line of crisis control.

Martinez asked if anyone every told him he should never hit a woman:

Martinez: Did anybody tell you that?
Brown: Of course! (pause) It just went bad.
M: How does your family feel about what happened?
B: My dad, he was disappointed in me, but at the end of the day he wanted to make sure he stuck by my side.

Some other quotes:
• “In one moment everybody loves you and in the next they turn their back on you.”

• “I know ya’ll seen me on Larry King and everything with the bowtie…I know everybody wanted to know, and everybody’s still trying to know, what it was, but out of respect for me and my privacy and her definitely, I don’t really talk about it and I don’t want to get into it.”

And how’s this for an apology-
• “At the end of the day I’m sorry for what I did, whatever it is, but only Shorty and me know what it was, what happened in the car.”

For what it’s worth, it sounded much worse on the radio than in print. To top off all the poor PR surrounding Brown’s redemptive push, his single, out today, upstaged Rihanna’s new single, which debuted yesterday.

It’s not an easy road back for Brown – there’s very little he can say to make people feel like it’s time to move on and appreciate his music again. But this seems like, once again, the wrong way to go.

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