Chris Hedges On Occupy Wall Street: ‘This One Could Take Them All Down’

Chris Hedges is a writer and former war correspondent who has a vast amount of real-life experience covering social change and revolution in areas of strife and conflict around the world. The former NY Times contributor, and self-described “socialist” was interviewed during last weekend’s Occupy Wall Street demonstration at Times Square, and provided a fascinating and emotional commentary on the populist movement calling for wealth equality and an end to the seeming plutocracy alleged by protesters.

From the OccupyTV YouTube page:

Chris Hedges: “What happens is in all of these movements … the foot soldiers of the elite — the blue uniformed police, the mechanisms of control — finally don’t want to impede the movement and at that point the power elite is left defenseless … the only thing I can say having been in the middle of similar movements is that this one is real, and this one could take them all down … I can guarantee you that huge segments of those blue uniformed police sympathize with everything that you’re doing.” — Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges brings his 20 years of experience as a war correspondent, having covered movements and revolutions throughout the the world, to the discussion.

Regardless of one’s feelings on the Occupy Wall Street movement, the following clip is worth watching to the end as Hedges puts the protest in the context of his three year-old child and gets emotional.

(H/T Reddit)

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