CNN Airs Powerful Interview of American Brussels Survivor From His Hospital Bed

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.28.25 PMNews of the terrorist attacks in Brussels continues to dominate the news cycle this week, but not all of the stories are horrible and soul-crushing. On Friday afternoon, CNN aired a powerful interview with Mason Wells, a Mormon missionary who survived the attacks, and told his story to CNN from his hospital bed. Wells had also been in Boston and Paris when those cities were attacked by terrorists.

In the exclusive interview, Wells tells the harrowing story of the bomb blasts, and repeatedly told CNN how lucky he felt to be alive. “My only thoughts, my only feelings just for the people that are out there, I hope that they’re doing okay,” he said. “I’ve just wanted to pray for them. I’ve been praying for them since it happened. That’s the only feeling I have is I hope they’re okay. I’m very lucky. I know there there were some that were not as lucky as I was.”

Watch the clip above, from CNN.

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