CNN Deletes Tweet After Colorado Anchor Slams Them for Referring to Unverified ‘Serial Killer’


cnn-tonight-colorado-shootingA Colorado news anchor managed to play Twitter ombudsman for CNN last night after they erroneously referred to a shooting suspect as a “serial killer” in a deleted tweet.

Earlier that day, CNN Tonight tweeted out an link to Ana Cabrera‘s coverage of a series of random highway shootings in Colorado, one leading to the death of a bicyclist on the side of a rural road. While police are treating this as the work of a potential sniper, CNN jumped five steps ahead and declared the man a “serial killer.” (It’s important to note that Cabrera’s report didn’t refer to the suspect as a serial killer.)

That tweet, now deleted, prompted NBC Denver anchor Kyle Clark to call out CNN for their “sensationalism”:

Cabrera quickly notified CNN of their error, and the show soon issued a correction on their Twitter account, noting that they should have referred to the man as a “serial sniper”. Clark applauded Cabrera for quickly correcting the record.

That said, his earlier prediction is probably, sadly, true:

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[Image via screenshot/CNN Tonight]

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