CNN’s KFile Unearths Comments From Andrew Cuomo Calling ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Sexual Harassment: ‘No One is Above the Law’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds His Daily Coronavirus Briefing In Albany

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CNN’s “KFile,” known for its scrupulous research on the past of politicians and other public figures, published a report on Wednesday outlining comments embattled Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had made against sexual harassment before he was accused of that activity toward 11 women, according to a report publicized on Tuesday.

The article’s authors – Em Steck, Andrew Kaczynski and Drew Myers – break down Cuomo’s comments on the issue of sexual harassment into five categories.

The first category is “Cuomo repeatedly spoke in support for victims of sexual harassment.” One of the three examples given is after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court following sexual assault allegations against him by Christine Blasey Ford in 2018.

Cuomo said in a statement, “In New York, we will not waver and will not back down. To Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you and we will fight for you. The sham FBI investigation and the bigger sham, this confirmation process, have energized us to fight even harder for our shared vision for a better future for all.”

The second category is “Cuomo attacked Republican politicians for not speaking out against sexual harassment and assault.” One of the four examples in that section is Cuomo reacting in 2018 to then-President Donald Trump mocking the Me Too Movement.

“​​While Trump mocks the strong women who stood up to sexual harassment, in NY, we are turning society’s revulsion into reform by passing the strongest sexual harassment law. NY will always lead,” posted the governor on Facebook.

The third category is “Cuomo called for the resignation of politicians who were accused of sexual harassment and assault.” One of the four examples provided include Cuomo calling for the resignation of then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned after The New Yorker published a piece about four women accusing him of sexual harassment.

“No one is above the law, including New York’s top legal officer. My personal opinion is that, given the damning pattern of facts and corroboration laid out in the article, I do not believe it is possible for Eric Schneiderman to continue to serve as Attorney General, and for the good of the office, he should resign,” said Cuomo in a statement.

The fourth category is “Cuomo touted legislation he signed that supported of victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault.” One of the four examples given is Cuomo’s 2018 re-election campaign having two Facebook ads promoting the state’s then-new law that addressed sexual harassment in the workplace as “the strongest sexual harassment policy in the nation.”

The last category is “Cuomo deflected criticism for comments and actions he took in the aftermath of the ‘MeToo’ Movement.” One of the three examples provided is Cuomo appointing in 2011 former New York Assembly Member Sam Hoyt to be in his administration despite having been in an, as CNN reported, inappropriate, sexual relationship with a 23-year-old intern.

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