Comedian Gives Jesse Watters a Taste of His Own Medicine

Comedian and political prankster Jason Selvig encountered Jesse Watters recently in New York, and he tried to turn the tables on the Fox political humorist and his man-on-the-street segments.

Selvig is one half of “The Good Liars,” having worked with Davram Stiefler to follow the 2016 election and pull pranks on the candidates and the media along the way. In today’s segment, Selvig met up with Watters and pitched some ideas about what he can do next time on “Watters World.”

While Watters didn’t seem like he could tell where the conversation was going at first, things took a turn after Selvig casually remarked “it’s racist, like you like,” during his pitch.

In a very “Watters World”-esque fashion, Selvig went on to throw out various loaded segments that Watters could consider doing in the future.

In the end, Selvig promised to leave Watters alone if he would just plug Selvig’s Netflix mockumentary Undecided on camera. Watters wouldn’t bite, but that didn’t stop Selvig from pronouncing that his film was definitely endorsed by Fox News.

Watters has faced criticism for his lines of questioning in the past. Recently, he sparked major outrage by playing up Asian-American stereotypes during a segment he did in Chinatown.

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