Conservative Bloggers Claim Sarah Palin Had Them Kicked Out Of Rally


Readers of the conservative Virginian politics blog Bearing Drift were in for a bit of surprise while they enjoyed the team’s live blog of Freedom Fest 2010, a rally hosted by talk radio station Freedom 1650. Shortly after the keynote speaker, Sarah Palin, took the stage (where she gave some impassioned anti-Obama comments), the live blog was suddenly cut short as the Bearing Drift team was kicked out of the festivities. They’re now claiming that the former governor or someone from her team were behind their ousting, a surprising accusation coming from a group of self-proclaimed “pro-Palin bloggers.”

Here are the key moments from their live blog:

8:28: J.R. Hoeft: Sekulow introducing Palin – applauding her discipline and decisiveness.
8:29: Brian K: Sarah Palin hits the stage to a standing o
8:31: Brian K: Sarah cheers the Lady Monarchs. Good choice
8:34:J.R. Hoeft: We’re being kicked out. So much for transparency.

The comments on the blog quickly turned into a fight between conservatives who like Palin and assumed that the bloggers broke some rules and those that defended the writers. Eventually, Bearing Drift’s J.R. Hoeft gave his version of the events.

Rude? We were at the event at the request of the event’s organizers.

Then, with no warning, as soon as the speech began, it was “lights out” for us and all I was doing was taking a couple photos and live-blogging the event.

Other media were present taking notes and there were cameras all over the Convocation Center.

We were told at the beginning we could live-blog and take photos, just not stream or record the speech in its entirety – and I had no problem with that policy.

However, I will say this, if she plans on running for president, she ought not to be concerned about a couple of former pro-Palin bloggers!

Soon, however, Palin supporters from the site Conservatives4Palin found Bearing Drift’s claims and tried to swat them down:

A blogger for the “Bearing Drift” blog claims that he was “kicked out by the Palin people” at the Freedom Fest that concluded a couple of hours ago. Unless it was Willow Palin who kicked you out, it was not the “Palin people” as she did not have any one from her staff with her other than her daughter.

I’ll tentatively agree with the blogger that it wasn’t a good idea by the Freedom Fest people to kick out an ally. However, the blogger should not cast blame on a party that wasn’t even in attendance.

In the comments, the Bearing Down team continues to hold to their theory that, at the very least, it was Palin’s ultra-protective contractual stipulations that got them kicked out which is proof that she’s not ready for the 2012 big time. Whether or not they’re right or if this is just another example of the former governor taking unnecessary heat from her detractors, the situation (and the passionate debating in the blog’s comments) are further proof of just how divisive Palin is, even amongst the country’s conservatives.

(Below the Beltway via Reddit)

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