Coulter Slams Rubio’s Denouncement of Trump by Invoking Chattanooga Shooting


Donald Trump managed to, once again, cross the line for just about everybody when he said that John McCain was not a real war hero because he was captured (and tortured) during his service in Vietnam. The statement drew the ire of many of Trump’s GOP rivals, including Marco Rubio, who released this tweet earlier today:

Enter Ann Coulter, who has tweeted in the last few hours about her ongoing condemnation of immigrants as responsible for crime and misery in America. Coulter’s tweets pointed to a New York Times article detailing the troubled family life of Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, and how his father attempted to take a second wife by invoking Palestinian law:

Coulter has repeatedly established herself as a supporter of Trump’s comments about immigrants, and decided to use Rubio’s condemnation to imply that what he really thinks is that the five victims of Abdulazeez’s attack deserved to be killed:

UPDATE – 5:21 P.M. EST Coulter has added onto her original thoughts with more tweets about Trump:

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