CU Boulder Cracks Down On 4/20 Festivities With Fish Fertilizer, Police

Bummer, dude! Early Friday morning, the University of Colorado attempted to shut down CU Boulder’s campus to all visitors and closed off Norlin Quad (the “chronic Mecca”) in hopes of putting the kibosh on the 4/20 pro-marijuana “smoke out” celebration, an annual event that has brought in crowds numbering in the thousands. Oh, to further deter any brave (yet chill) revelers who may attempt to enter the area anyway, the school has covered the lawn with a potent fish-based fertilizer.

According to The Daily Camera‘s Mitchell Byars and Erica Meltzer, a Boulder district judge ruled that the college had the right to close the campus to visitors, much to the dismay of weed revelers.

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The CU Student Government is organizing an alternative event to discourage (some say “buzzkill”) the campus from attending the pot-smoking festivities as well — a free concert from Wyclef Jean at the Coors Event Center. Jean’s contract expressly bans him from making any mention of marijuana or “4/20”.

Watch CU officials work to crack down on 4/20 in Boulder via The Daily Camera:

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