David Brooks On Colbert: Tea Partiers Are “Like Wal-Mart Hippies”

New York Times columnist David Brooks was a guest last night on The Colbert Report and seemed to relish in being back in the “conservative” media after regularly appearing in more “liberal” outlets.

Brooks weighed in on Pres. Obama, health care and tea parties, coining a new term for the movement.

Brooks joked about making “a career of self-loathing,” by writing for the NYT and appearing on PBS and other outlets. “Being a conservative at the New York Times is like being Chief Rabbi at Mecca,” he said. “Sometimes a little lonely.”

Colbert asked why he wasn’t getting into the tea party movement, which is apparently ‘where the money is’ right now. Brooks said the tea partiers are “like the Wal-mart Hippies” with the way they are protesting against big government. Wonder how that one will go over with the tea party crowd?

Here’s the interview – watch and find out why Brooks calls himself “the bisexual of politics”:

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