Deadline Hollywood’s Nikki Finke ‘Locked Out’ of Her Own Website, Rants on Twitter

After several months of tumult, it seems as though Nikki Finke‘s time at Deadline Hollywood is officially nearing a close. Friday afternoon, the Deadline founder and editor attempted to post an exclusive story, but found herself “locked out” of administrating the page.

She somehow got this quick blurb to appear on the website, explaining her ordeal:

But that was all she could do. She then took to Twitter to rant against her boss Jay Penske, who she believes “gave the order” to lock her out:

Several minutes later she noticed that her exclusive had returned to Deadline. However, she noted, her administrative capabilities on the site had been “greatly reduced”:

This comes a day after Finke railed against Penske in a series of tweets, claiming he removed from the site’s Twitter feed and that she’s building a for after lawyers “disentangle” her from the Deadline brand.

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