Dem Donor Slams Party on MSNBC For Going Too Far Left: ‘Hopefully, We’ll Get Our Sh*t Together’


As former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile makes the media rounds this week and re-opens the still fresh wounds of the 2016 Democratic primary, in which tensions were high between the progressives and the moderates, a major donor is airing his concerns that the party has moved too far in one of those directions.

During an impassioned interview with Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday, Stephen Cloobeck — founder and former Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts, a Las Vegas-based timeshare company — threatened to stop cutting checks to Democrats if the party continues what he perceives to be a progressive shift.

“I can tell you if we go far left, I’m out,” Cloobeck said. “I’m out. We need middle ground.”

He added that the party has gone so far left in his view that, “it drives me nuts. So much so it would make me quit the party. And I’ve made it very clear; I’ll cut your money off. And others will do the same. We’ve had enough. We need a new brand.”

Not that the casino magnate would pull a 180 and defect for the Republican party. Cloobeck’s assessment of the right was none more charitable.

“They are very, unfortunately, bigoted, anti-Semitic and caustic,” Cloobeck said. “And creating civil war.”

Ruhle followed up and asked if the Republican party is as Cloobeck described, why can’t the Democrats beat them?

“Good question,” Cloobeck said. “A sad state for us.”

He added, in a remark which was not bleeped, “Hopefully, we’ll get our shit together.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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