Despite Parkland Shooting, Kansas GOP Candidate for Congress Still Proceeding With AR-15 Giveaway

If you’re going to hold a raffle for an assault rifle, maybe don’t do it a day before a mass shooting, and certainly cancel it after one.

But that wasn’t the philosophy of Kansas GOP congressional candidate Tyler Tannahill, who is standing by his plan to give one lucky gun-toter an AR-15.

Tannahill posted the details of the contest on social media on Tuesday:

Characterizing himself as an “avid sportsman,” Tannahill said he was excited to give away the rifle, which is the clear weapon-of-choice for school shootings.

After the horrific events in Parkland, FL, Tannahill doubled down on his little contest, telling the Kansas City Star, “No individual is for school shootings. It’s heartbreaking … being a parent, our thoughts on that, for me personally, I am a strong believer in the Second Amendment. I think we need to have a discussion of what can be done and throwing out comments of displeasure isn’t going to solve it.”

“I don’t think more laws could have prevented this,” he added, referring to the Florida shooting. “We do want to find a solution and I think this FASTER program is something we can look into implementing.”

FASTER stands for “Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response” and is a program that provides “educators [with] practical violence response training.”

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