Did Facebook Really Just Set Up a Way for People to Unfriend Trump Supporters?

facebooksThe website Distractify ran a piece yesterday titled “Facebook Now Lets You Find And Delete Friends Who Support Donald Trump.” Yeah, not exactly.

RedState flagged this rather curious item today after no less than George Takei posted the article to his own Facebook page. Distractify says all you need to do is search “my friends who like Donald J. Trump” on Facebook and you’ll get a list of your friends who clicked the like button on The Donald’s page. The post has, remarkably, gone viral today.

And while yes, you can do that, the misleading part is the whole “now” thing.

See, when you type in “my friends who like [insert page here]” you can get a list of your friends who like that particular page. So, for instance, you can search for friends who like Hillary Clinton or Ben Carson or Bernie Sanders and get an easy list to unfriend them if you wish.

Or, you know, just any page. See which friends of yours like a TV show you hate or a pop artist you absolutely can’t stand.

Really, what’s important here is unfriending people who don’t agree with you.

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