‘Disgraceful and Dangerous’: Twitter Unleashes on WSJ After Paper Demands Mueller Resign


After the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board published a disaster take defending President Donald Trump in regards to the Russia investigation and calling for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign, Twitter unleashed on America’s best-selling newspaper.

The editorial board’s justification for such a seemingly outrageous position was the recent reports showing the Clinton campaign paid to fund the infamous Trump dossier.

“Strip out the middlemen, and it appears that Democrats paid for Russians to compile wild allegations about a US presidential candidate. Did someone say ‘collusion’?” Wrote the board.

The piece also declared another federal investigation looking into the Democrat Party, the FBI, and Mueller should be launched to examine their ties to Russia — instead of the current probe aimed at Trump. The writers also attacked “the dominant media narrative” on Russia’s 2016 involvement by claiming that the real collusion crimes were not done by anyone associated with Trump.

After excerpts from the WSJ‘s editorial began circulating on Twitter, pundits, journalists, and political commentators were quick to point out that this piece — and others like it — could actually inspire the White House to fire Mueller. Additionally, many noted that editorials like this hurt the credibility and undermine the work done by all the WSJ reporters who have been investigating the Trump-Russia story.

Below are a few of the best and most insightful WSJ editorial board slams:

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