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Sky to Remove Fox News from Airing in Britain

21st Century Fox’s James Murdoch Rebukes Trump: ‘There Are No Good Nazis’

NY Times’ Maggie Haberman: Trump Speaks With Rupert Murdoch ‘Most Days’

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Told Trump That Bannon Has to Go

Rupert Murdoch’s Plan To Take Over Sky News In Jeopardy

Questions Arise Over Fox News Sole Anonymous Source Exonerating Jared Kushner

Rupert Murdoch Announces Plans for New State of the Art Newsroom for Fox News

Rupert Murdoch Shoos Away Questions Over Harassment: ‘Nothing’s Happening at Fox News’

CNN’s Stelter Questions Rupert Murdoch-Trump Ties: ‘Does It Look Inappropriate?’

President Trump Reportedly Speaks to Fox News Chief Rupert Murdoch ‘Almost Every Day’

Murdochs Reportedly Searching for a Woman to Run Fox News

Sean Hannity Suggests ‘High Up’ Conspiracy Against The ‘Innocent’ at Fox News

More Unwanted Media Attention for Fox News Co-President Bill Shine

Ex-NY Post Writer: Rupert Murdoch Killed Story On Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s Gambling Ties

Show of Support? Rupert Murdoch Dines Out With Fox News Execs Shine and Abernethy

Fox Contributor Julie Roginsky Snarks On Murdoch Memo About Fostering a Good Work Environment

Rupert Murdoch in Memo to Fox Employees: ‘I Understand How Difficult This Has Been’

Fox Reportedly Wants Someone New in O’Reilly’s Spot by Monday

Bill O’Reilly Reportedly Out at Fox News

Murdochs Reportedly Leaning Towards Dumping Bill O’Reilly

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