‘Do You Read the News?’: Bill Maher Battles Trump Supporter During CNN Town Hall

In a preview of tonight’s Messy Truth town hall featuring comedian Bill Maher, CNN aired a short clip of Maher tangling with a Donald Trump supporter, who wanted to know why Maher and those in “Hollywood” weren’t cutting the president “some slack.”

Confronted by the Trump voter over the fact that POTUS has only been in office three weeks and his belief that Maher should “give him a break,” the Real Time host responded with disbelief.

“Give him a break?” Maher mockingly asked the supporter. “Do you read the news?”

When the town hall attendee shot back that the presidency is the “toughest job on Earth,” Maher returned fire.

“The toughest job on Earth has never been done like this,” Maher exclaimed. “This is beyond the realm of politics.”

The political satirist went on to highlight his belief that Trump is running a “giant con” due to the fact that he “ran for the little man” but is pushing policies that benefit corporations and the wealthy.

Finishing up his answer by noting Trump’s belief that millions voted illegally in the election, he told the Trump supporter “that should bother you, sir — I’m not the crazy one here.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

UPDATE –– 6:05 pm ET: Due to the pending circuit court ruling tonight, CNN will now be airing the special tomorrow, Friday the 10th, at 9 pm.

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