Domino’s Wants to Deliver Your Pizza via Reindeer This Winter

If you live in Japan and like to order Domino’s, you may be in for an interesting Winter. Domino’s is known for its quick and efficient delivery, and they’re always looking for ways to make it better. The current problem they’re working on? Snowstowms. Japan is reportedly going to have a cold and snowy winter, and people are going to need hot pizza delivered. Rocket News 24 reports that the Domino’s aims to solve that problem by investing in reindeer that will be able to deliver pizza even when cars are unable to drive.

The reindeer are currently being trained in the city of Ishikari, where they’re completing exercises under the supervision of an animal handler. Of course, there are lots of logistics to work out, as Rocket News 24 pointed out. As of yet, it’s unclear how far a reindeer can travel with pizza on its back. It’s also unclear how a reindeer is going to react when it encounters a house pet.

Still, if it works out, it will not only be efficient, but it will become unquestionably the most adorable way to order food when it’s too cold to go outside.

[featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Aero777]

[H/T First We Feast]


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