Dr. Mika Brzezinski: Trump ‘Doesn’t Really Seem to be There’

Morning Joe opened on Wednesday with an appearance by Dr. Mika Brzezinski, who appeared on the program to offer her suggestion that President Donald Trump’s mental condition may be unstable.

“He doesn’t really seem to be there,” she said gravely when reflecting on his response to Hurricane Harvey devastation.

Big if true. Tell us more doctor.

“Is this a stability issue?” she asked. “I feel like some might argue when you see him off prompter, he doesn’t really seem to be there.”

Joe Scarborough — who has lately become tougher about policing rants about Donald Trump’s mental state — jumped in to defuse.

“What do you mean by that?” he muttered. “I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“For example in Houston, saying ‘have a good time’ to people who are suffering. There’s some disconnection,” Dr. Brzezinski explained.

“So what’s your question?” Scarborough responded.

“I’m asking if this is a stability issue,” she said turning to fellow panelist Dr. Mark Halperin.

Seeing the contagion spreading, Scarborough moved to quarantine cutting Halerpin off before he could answer.

“Dr. Halperin is only a doctor on TV. Advice he makes should not be used for you or loved ones.”

So many doctors on one show — maybe Morning Joe should move to the afternoon.

The moment today was hardly an outlier. The MSNBC set has a long history of questioning Trump’s mental state, with many individual instances recorded by this website — and Scarborough’s evening rival Sean Hannity.

The fresh diagnosis from Brzezinski comes on the heels of a segment yesterday mocking Trump for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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