Drudge Report Subdued After DACA Decision

In a curious editorial decision, it would seem Matt Drudge is not particularly interested in President Trump‘s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, more commonly known as DACA.

While the move is not exactly a surprise among media observers, DACA became an instant hot topic today after Jeff Sessions announced the end of the Obama-era protection. DACA has dominated a lot of the political conversation in the last hour and a half, though The Drudge Report does not seem to be paying much mind to this.

Instead, as of this writing, Drudge is giving his website’s top billing to the approach of Hurricane Irma — which is still days away.

Mention of the DACA decision only appears below the main image, with the (relatively) muted headline. “TRUMP TO PHASE OUT ‘DREAMER’ PROGRAM…”

Though the issue is one that deeply animates his audience, Drudge also declined to mark the post in red. As you can see from the image below, hurricane coverage got two red bylines.

The decision gives a cold shoulder to stories like the reactions, the protests, the announcement from Mark Zuckerberg, or the resignation of someone on the White House’s diversity council.

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