Drudge Reports Golden Globe Noms with Giant Headline ‘American Hustle: Slavery’

Conservative internet news über-aggregator Matt Drudge is raising eyebrows with the headline he chose to link with a report on the just-announced 2014 Golden Globes nominations, which included nods for the films American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave. That headline, “American Hustle: Slavery,” wasn’t so much remarkable for its possible racial overtones, but for its non-sequitur combination of one of the nominated film’s titles with something that is not one of the nominated film’s titles, in order to form a phrase that appears to be some sort of commentary on American slavery.

As former Mediaite contributor Phil Bump points out, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense:

Is Drudge saying that the history of slavery depicted in 12 Years a Slave is a “hustle” in the dishonest, con-man sense, or that slavery itself was a hustle, in that white slaveowners were getting over by not paying for labor, or that the film American Hustle suddenly blurted out the word slavery at the nomination ceremony?

Only Matt Drudge knows for sure.

UPDATE (12:50pm ET): Drudge has since updated the splash to the far more innocuous headline “HOLLYWEIRD” with an assemblage of white actors and a link to the complete list of nominations. Maybe he thought the original version went a little too far?

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