Ed Schultz Gets Slammed in Advance of New Show on RT America


Tonight, RT  Television will premiere their latest showThe News with Ed Shultz. In promos, Ed Shultz is seen assuring viewers his job is to “make sure [they] don’t get railroaded” by American politicians, but he should be careful, since he’s being railroaded by political bloggers himself.

Shultz, who got his start as a radio broadcaster in Fargo, faced heavy criticism from Rob Port, a blogger who chronicles North Dakota politics on his site, Say Anything Blog. Port didn’t hold back when judging Shultz for his latest career move, calling RT a Russian propaganda site full of people who “work in conspiracy theories” and quipping that Shultz “really, really needed the job.” He finished his post with, “And heck, if there’s one thing Ed Schultz is good at, it’s being a toady for whatever interests are backing him.”


Shultz has been getting roasted by a number of other sites as tonight’s air date loomed, too. The Daily Caller dug into his personal history to suggest ten new jobs to him when he lost his show at MSNBC last summer. Hot Air sarcastically announced his new gig, saying his “dozens of loyal viewers” would be happy to see him in a new position. Other sites, like News Busters, kept their disdain a little shadier, simply pointing out as often as possible that his new network is “Kremlin-backed.”

The show, which is premiering two days ahead of Shultz’s birthday, will be available online tonight at 8:00 EST for all of us to dissect and judge further, for better or worse. Will you be watching?

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