Entire CNN Panel Scoffs When Kayleigh McEnany Argues Trump Flip-Flop Is Not a Flip-Flop

McEnanyTrump supporter Kayleigh McEnany invited the jeers of her CNN co-panelists when she argued with a straight face that Donald Trump‘s recent flip-flop on immigration was not a flip-flop on immigration.

During the primary, Trump repeatedly promised to deport every single person in the country illegally regardless of circumstance. In recent days he indicated a shift — a “softening” — and even admitted that he was open to “working with” people who had been in the country for a long time without a criminal record.

Trump’s made the comments during a pre-taped town hall with Sean Hannity.

“Rationally speaking, if you said 11 million gotta leave, and now you’re no longer saying that…” Anderson Cooper began, asking McEnany to acknowledge that a shift had occurred in Trump’s policies — to little avail.

This was not a matter of a change in policy, she said, rather Trump was “listening to voters.”

Tara Setmayer dug into McEnany: “This is the frustrating thing about Donald Trump and his supporters. Just acknowledge the obvious!” She added, “This is a complete departure from what he campaigned on for the last year!”

You can watch the complete exchange above, courtesy of CNN.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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