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CNN Panel Piles on Price for ‘Pricey Private Planes’: Draining the Swamp?

Spike Lee Thinks Even More NFL Players Plan to Kneel This Sunday: ‘It’s a Battle of Wills’

Van Jones Slams Trump Over NFL Controversy: Stop Using Our Soldiers to ‘Make Yourself Look Better’

CNN’s Jim Acosta on NFL Protests: Trump Is ‘Pleased With This Uproar He’s Ignited’

Cornel West Turns Tables and Accuses Trump of ‘Disrespect for the Flag’

Christine Quinn and David Urban Tangle in Heated Debate Over Health Care: ‘You’re Going to Lose’

Anderson Cooper Rips Former Press Secretary: ‘Did Sean Spicer Lie…? Yeah, He Did’

Anderson Cooper Rips Ed Martin in Heated Russia Debate: ‘What You’re Talking About is Gobbledygook’

CNN Host ‘Jokes’ He’d Poison President Trump

Hillary Rejects Concerns She’s Hurting Democrats: I’m ‘Out of Politics as a Candidate’

Hillary Clinton on Being ‘Shivved’ By Comey: He ‘Forever Changed History… But That’s in the Past’

Hillary Clinton Recalls Awkward Encounter With Interior Sec, Who Previously Called Her The ‘Anti-Christ’

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Trump Thinks Ivanka is a ‘Prized Possession’ Who Impresses Everyone

‘Back Off You Creep’: CNN’s New Trump Surrogate Ed Martin Had A Tough Night

Anderson Cooper Slams Trump’s Rally Speech: ‘Last Night, What We Saw Was All About Him’

Anderson Cooper: Trump Afghanistan Speech May End Up Being a Blow to Bannon Foreign Policy

Charlottesville Mayor Reveals That He Still Hasn’t Received a Phone Call From Trump

Cornel West Slams Trump Surrogate Paris Dennard: ‘Why Are You Defending a Liar?’

Jeffrey Lord Was Unjustly Fired From a Network That Treated Him Like a Punching Bag

CNN Chyron Trolls Trump Over Trip: ‘Vacation Critic Takes Time Off’

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