comScore Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative Site's Posts

Facebook Apologizes for Removing Conservative Site’s Posts

Facebook has issued an apology after it removed content from Prager University’s Facebook page, prompting the organization to claim “we’re being heavily censored.”

“We mistakenly removed these videos and have restored them because they don’t break our standards,” Facebook wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Facebook added: “This will reverse any reduction in content distribution you’ve experienced. We’re very sorry and are continuing to look into what happened with your Page.”

The posts removed talked about Israel’s right to exist and posited that the Paris Climate Accord doesn’t help the earth.

PragerU responded to Facebook’s apology by asking, “Does anyone really believe this was simply a mistake?”

PragerU’s beef with Facebook is not the first time the organization clashed with internet giants. In October 2017, PragerU sued Google for censoring its video content on YouTube.

That lawsuit was ultimately dismissed.

On Saturday, amid growing talk of PragerU and other conservative outlets be censored, President Donald Trump railed against social media and tech giants he claims are “totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices.”

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