Fail: NYC Police’s #MyNYPD Hashtag Campaign Horribly Backfires


Sometimes its best for controversial organizations or people to avoid creating Twitter hashtags that are easily hijacked. Case in point: The New York City Police Department attempted interactivity, asking tweeters to submit their photographs with police officers using the hashtag #mynypd.

The rest is predictable (yet glorious) history.

NYPD’s official Twitter account created the hashtag on Tuesday, submitting this photo as an example:

And two hours into the hashtag’s existence, it has skyrocketed to the national trending list, and has become fodder for reminders of police brutality:

And some poked fun at the NYPD’s non-brutality-related PR disasters:

View the rest of the tweets here.

UPDATE @ 9:49 P.M.: The NYPD deputy chief has responded to their hashtag getting hijacked.

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