Fallon Unveils the Latest Programming For Trump News Network Since the ‘Fake News Media’ Gets It Wrong


Since Donald Trump unexpectedly won the U.S. presidential election, it seems as if we haven’t discussed his burgeoning media venture — Trump TV — that the team appeared to be building in the fall. Remember the list of livestreams and scrappy programs that were being shared to eager viewers wanting more from Trump and his surrogates? Well, despite the fact that Trump’s win seems to have upended those plans, the Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon gave us a peek into what TNN (Trump News Network) is really all about.

In the desk segment, Fallon touched on everything from the Swedish ‘terror attack’ — “which was definitely real and 100% not made up” — to the selection of H.R. McMaster as our nation’s newest National Security Advisor.

“Usually when I talk to H.R., it’s because one of my female employees is threatening to sue,” Fallon joked in his full hair-and-wig set-up. “But now H.R. is going to stand for ‘Huge Ratings.'”

The desk bit, which played on all of the heightened elements that we associate with state-controlled media, even dabbled into the realm of sports briefly. “Golf totally counts as work,” he says, dog-whistling to his recent rounds of golf that were misrepresented by the White House. Fallon even showed how Trump determines the next big story to go after: his “Bad Things Button,” a randomized aggregator of topics that seem to possibly explain the Trump team’s penchant for making up attacks that didn’t actually happen.

Comedian Jo Firestone reprised her hilarious turn as newly-confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as well, this time playing the “Weatherman” on Trump News network.

Watch above, via NBC.

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