Late Night Joe: Scarborough Admits That Trump’s First Month ‘Makes It Harder to Call Him Mr. President’


Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe traded in his A.M. coffee for some late night laughs Tuesday, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss the current state of affairs in Trump’s America. But while the former Republican Congressman certainly revers the office of the president — going as far as to say he cheered when Bill Clinton took the oath of office — he noted carefully that much of Trump’s erratic first month has made it hard to recognize he’s actually the president.

“The way he’s acted over the past month,” offered Scarborough to Colbert Tuesday, “has made it even harder to call him Mr. President.”

Scarborough continued, playing to the liberal crowd inside the Ed Sullivan Theater with talking points that have bipartisan appeal in our unique political climate. “When you have a President of the United States that questions judicial review, and questions the legitimacy of a federal judge [you have] to stand up and say this is not right.”

“When you have a president that actually questions free speech, the First Amendment, and news organizations that are doing their job, I think its incumbent upon my party especially to stand up right now and speak out,” he said Tuesday night. “Because I always say this about everybody that gets in the White House — you think you’re in the center of the world now, [but] you don’t own this place. You are renting this place out. The American people are letting you have this,” he told Colbert.

As for his own GOP rank-and-file colleagues, Scarborough surmised, “They are going to be judged for the next fifty years on how they respond to the challenges today.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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