Finally, a Fifty Shades of Grey Piece That’s Also About the Koch Brothers

Well, it was bound to happen some time.

Okay, bad jokes aside, it was only a matter of time until someone managed to tie Fifty Shades of Grey to American politics. And L.A. Times columnist and political cartoonist David Horsey may have taken the cake with an opinion piece actually titled “Christian Grey and the Koch brothers share a similar desire for dominance.”

There are a lot of connections here between the Kochs and Christian Grey. For example, the comparison between Anastasia Steele and the GOP 2016 candidates, “winsome coeds hungering for a hot hookup.”

And then there’s this:

Christian Grey has a secret room where he hides his array of intimidating sex toys and bondage tools. The Koch brothers have their secret donations that are nearly impossible to track, thanks to flaccid campaign finance laws made even more limp by rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court. Grey has his sleek top-end sports cars, his handy helicopter and his vast penthouse at the top of a Seattle high-rise. The Kochs have their family foundations, super PACs and think tanks in which they invest hundreds of millions of dollars with the aim of killing universal healthcare and environmental regulations and keeping the federal government from constricting their capitalist cravings.

(Insert your own Republican primary BDSM jokes here.)

[h/t Byron Tau]
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