Fmr. McCain Campaign Chief Steve Schmidt Excoriates WH Aide For ‘Dying’ Remark: ‘She Is Vile, Cruel, and Indecent’


Republican strategist Steve Schmidt jumped to the defense of John McCain — whose presidential campaign he ran in 2008 — after a horrific comment ostensibly made by White House aide Kelly Sadler.

According to multiple reports, Sadler dismissed McCain’s views on the confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA director because “he’s dying anyway.”

Schmidt, wthe senior campaign strategist for McCain’s 2008 presidential run against Barack Obama, went on a tweet storm eviscerating Sadler and everyone else who works under the Donald Trump administration.

“[Sadler] is vile, cruel, and indecent,” Schmidt tweeted. “She is a perfect fit for this loathsome cabal that is rotten from Trump down.”

“At the hour of their deaths their legacy will be one of ignominy as despoilers of America,” he added in another tweet.

In yet another, a call-to-action: “I pray a righteous rage and anger is swelling in the hearts of every decent person in this country around the desecration of our country and values by team Trump. Let us repudiate these terrible people. Let’s do it with joy and gratitude for the privilege.”

“We should be happy that looking back from the end of our lives that we will have played a part in washing away the sewer that is this administration,” he concluded.

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