Following Campaign Trail Chants, Clothing Company Flips Script, Sells ‘Lock Him Up’ Shirts to Benefit ACLU


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You might have seen people — like, regular people and famous people — wearing shirts that say things like, “I met god, she’s black,” and “God loves girls who love girls,” but that’s not the trend we’re talking about today. Well, it kind of is, because those RooftopsNYC shirts are extremely popular right now, but the trend we’re gathered here to discuss at the moment is a more philanthropic one.

RooftopsNYC is joining other companies in donating part of their proceeds to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. That’s the biggest trend these days.

You’ll recall that following the implementation of the travel ban that prevented entrance to the United States by people from seven different Muslim-majority countries, the ACLU received six times their annual donation amount in a single weekend. Ride-sharing company Lyft donated $1 million and a popular toy company announced that the proceeds from their Donald Trump action figure would also be getting handed over to the ACLU. Some D.C.-area restaurants donated their profits from Inauguration weekend to Planned Parenthood, which is in danger of being defunded under Trump. So yeah, funneling profits back into these organizations is very much on-trend.

To do that, the clothing company is rolling out a new shirt. It says “Lock him up.”

Get it? It’s a response to the refrain that was so often heard at Trump’s campaign rallies (and at CPAC this year) as supporters demanded that Hillary Clinton be put in jail. RooftopsNYC’s founder, Dylan Chenfeld, flipped the script and is using his popular brand to call for the president’s incarceration.

Chenfeld told Mediaite that since the “awful” election, he’s been doing more for charity, especially “for causes that aren’t going to get the proper funding the next few years.”

Go here to get one of the shirts, or maybe pick up a “Stay nasty” or “Pussy grabs back” t-shirt in homage to some of Trump’s most infamous quotes.

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