Fox Analyst Monica Crowley On Sandra Fluke’s Engagement: ‘To A Man?’

The Daily Beast reported on Thursday that Sandra Fluke — who we know from the controversy with Rush Limbaugh — in engaged. In response to the announcement, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley tweeted, “To a man?”

Fluke, the report said, is engaged to Adam Mutterperl, a Los Angeles-based comedy writer and producer. They’ve dated for over eight years and plan to settle in Los Angeles following Fluke’s completion of law school.

Crowley tweeted, following the news:

She then added that it was a joke:

In response to the a tweet that read, “Didja all hear the one where @MonicaCrowley insinuated that Sandra Fluke was gay? Knee-slapping hilarity” — Crowley replied:

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say not everyone found the joke funny. At one point, #CrowleyJokes was trending on Twitter.


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