Fox Guest Says Ellen DeGeneres is ‘Getting a Taste of Her Own Medicine’ With ‘Racist’ Accusations

On the Fox News show Cashin’ In, contributor Richard Grenell weighed in on Ellen DeGeneres‘ latest headline-grabbing stunt. This time, she’s being called a racist for a tweet she made about Usain Bolt. He said the following:

He said he doesn’t feel bad for her at all and he believes that as a “left-winger,” she’s just getting a taste of her own medicine. He accused her of “[playing] into identity politics.”

Last year, Grenell publicly complained about gay Republicans not being allowed formal participating at CPAC. He said he was uninvited from CPAC, which organizers denied to Mediaite. Eventually, after enough headlines were generated about the possibly homophobic nature of the event, the organization of gay conservatives he is a part of was allowed to sit on a panel.

Watch above to see him stick it to “identity politics.”

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