Fox’s Eric Bolling Defends Trump’s Use of ‘Six-Pointed Star’

Screen-Shot-2016-07-04-at-12.06.42-PMOn The Five Thursday afternoon, Fox’s Eric Bolling defended Trump’s use of a “six-pointed star,” a reference to the anti-Semitic meme that appeared on a white supremacist message thread before being tweeted out by Trump’s official Twitter account last weekend.

“A six-pointed star is now anti-Semitic, is that what you’re trying to say?” Bolling asked co-host Juan Williams after he mentioned the controversy. “‘Because it was on Disney comic books and whatnot.”

Trump’s campaign removed the tweet with the offending image and replaced it with an almost identical one covering (nearly) the Star of David with an innocuous red circle.

Trump has continued to blame the media for reporting on the tweet. Meanwhile, he (and his surrogates) have tried to make the case that the star was meant to evoke a sheriff’s star rather than a Star of David.

Bolling’s invocation of “Disney comic books” was a reference to Trump’s highly dubious effort to dispel the controversy by noting that a red six-pointed star also appeared on a piece of Disney merchandise. Specifically, the star graced the cover of a Frozen tie-in book, although the book’s cover did not include references to corruption or massive amounts of money, and, as near as anyone can tell, was not sourced from a thread trafficked by neo-Nazis .

“It wasn’t his,” Bolling continued (over Williams’ audible groaning). “It wasn’t his. It was one of his social media people who tweeted it and took it down.” Trump’s former campaign advisor Michael Caputo had offered CNN’s John Berman the same excuse on Monday: that the social media team was to blame.

Trump went on a lengthy rant Wednesday in Cincinnati about how the tweet should never have been taken down, a point Bolling seemed to agree with.

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