Garry Kasparov Just Completely Owned NYT’s Charles Blow on Twitter


The topic of the day: nuclear war. New York Times columnist Charles Blow jumped on that bandwagon today to remind the world that no one worried about nuclear war when Barack Obama was president.

Author and World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov put Blow in check mate, however, when he suggested that maybe because Obama wasn’t worrying about nuclear war is the problem.

Kasparov’s response is similar to Trump’s rhetoric, who said he has to handle lots of problems that he inherited from the Obama administration, specifically North Korea.

Nuclear war is on everyone’s minds because of President Donald Trump‘s threat to North Korea Tuesday, when he told them if they threatened the U.S. again, they would be meet by “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” He continued the treat today when he tweeted that the U.S. has a nuclear arsenal “far stronger and more powerful than ever before.

Before he became an internet warrior, Kasparov was known for his chess career. Kasparov is most famously known for playing and beating a supercomputer called Deep Blue in a six-game chess match in 1996, and then losing to it in 1997. Because it was the first computer system to defeat a reigning world champion, Kasparov and Deep Blue got lots of coverage in books, TV, and movies following the match. Jumping off from his chess fame, Kasparov now spends his time being a quotable political voice, including his most recent comments on the Trump/Putin handshake.

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