‘Putin Knows How to Play this Game’: Kasparov Says Russian Leader Trolled Trump With Handshake Pic



Russian chessmaster and Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov says the Russian media is already preparing to display how Vladimir Putin dominated President Trump during the G20 Summit.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson states that Trump asked Putin about Russia’s 2016 election interference, though the two presidents exchanged pleasantries at multiple points before their extended meeting. According to Kasparov, Russian media is focusing intently on photos of Trump extending a handshake to Putin.

As Kasparov seems to insinuate, the Russia state media is figuring out how to frame the encounter between Putin and Trump so the Russian president looks more impressive than his American counterpart.

Thus far, Mediaite has found four Russian news sources who have tweeted out mentions of Trump’s handshake. As for whether these tweets are propaganda to put Putin in a more positive light, we’ll let you decide:

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