Gary Johnson: 70% of Americans Don’t Know Me ‘…and That Bodes Well For Me Winning!’

Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico mayor who is mounting his own Libertarian party run in 2016 as an alternative choice, is holding fast to the belief that he and his running mate — former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld — will move into the White House in January.

If you’re scratching your head asking “Who?,” apparently you’re not alone. According to Johnson’s own frequently-cited statistic, 70% of Americans don’t know who he is.

But, in Johnson’s world, that is apparently right where he wants to be to win: with a crippling low level of name recognition.

He told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo Wednesday morning that with one month to go before the first debate — and just 76 until election day — the optimism is running high with the Johnson-Weld ticket. Both candidates were Republican governors in mostly blue states, touting their bipartisan appeal as an integral element to their Libertarian cause.

“70% of Americans don’t know who I am, and I think that bodes well to winning the race at some point! I do,” he said, admittedly laughing at his own line. “We still hold to the belief — me and Bill Weld, hold to the belief — that, uh, we might be the next president and vice president.”

And if you ask Gary Johnson a question about playing spoiler as a third party candidate, Johnson says humbug with your spoiler inquisitions. “A wasted vote is voting for somebody you don’t believe in.”

He joked, “Are you going to waste your vote on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton when you’ve got Gary Johnson in the race?”

Watch the exchange above via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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