George Pataki Heavily Hints 2016 Run, Even Though ‘People Don’t Remember Who I Am’


Former New York governor George Pataki (R-NY) hinted (if not “wink-winked”) today that he will probably enter the 2016 GOP presidential primaries after nearly nine years out of the public spotlight.

“Who else is running doesn’t affect what we do, but we have taken the first step, which is creating a super PAC,” Pataki, who left office in 2006 and went into the private sector, told Steve Malzberg, adding that while “I can’t say that I will be a candidate,” he plans on going to New Hampshire to stump, which means yeah, he’s gonna go for it.

Pataki said that his time away from government — especially since things have gone rapidly downhill since 2006 — would be an asset rather than a hinderance. “If I, as I expect, do choose to run, I think the fact that I have had this time away from government, away from politics, is a positive,” he said. It does make it harder to run — people don’t remember who I am — but we can remind them of it.”

So why are you now coming back to be a thing, nine years after you left office?

“I honestly think that the condition of our world, the condition of our government, are the worst they have been in certainly over a decade, and we need to change things. I know that I have the background, the experience, and I believe I have the vision to be able to fundamentally change the way that Washington functions.”

Watch below via Newsmax:

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