Glenn Beck Unveils HUGE GBTV Billboard In Times Square

Never fear, Glenn Beck is here! The outspoken former Fox News host is back, with a massive new billboard in Times Square to advertise GBTV, Beck’s latest online venture.

A blog post on Beck’s official website gets in a few swipes at the usual suspects while announcing the unveiling of the billboard.

There’s a good chance that the GBTV billboard in New York City will make more than a few liberals upset, but who cares? Glenn warned that progressives would be wishing for the days when he was only on at 5pm…and now they might be seeing their worst nightmares come true. But for anyone who wants to check out Glenn’s new billboard, you can head over to 49th Street and 7th Ave in Manhattan – conveniently located near the M&M store!

You can subscribe to GBTV for $4.95 per month or you can upgrade to GBTV Plus for $9.95 per month. Beck’s live show airs from 5-7 PM, and GBTV Plus subscribers also get the full broadcast of Beck’s radio show. Check out the Times Square billboard below:

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