Glenn Beck’s Own Website Debunks Report Beck Himself Talked Up Last Week

Last week Glenn Beck talked on his radio show about reports that John Kasich received $700,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros––reports that Beck’s own website debunked yesterday.

After talking about how Soros has allegedly given tons of money to #BlackLivesMatter, Beck said that he wants to create “chaos” this election cycle. What does that have to do with Kasich? Well, as Beck argued, it gives the GOP a divided convention.

Yes, Beck contended that Soros is giving money to Kasich because “he knows he can’t win” and can stop Ted Cruz from being able to take down Trump at the convention to create chaos to help the Democrats.

Now, as it turns out, this was not entirely true and yesterday it was debunked on Beck’s very own website. Per TheBlaze:

The firm Soros Fund Management did not give money to the Kasich super PAC. Rather, a one-time top-ranking executive, Scott Bessent, made two separate $100,000 donations to New Day — one on Oct. 21 and second on Dec. 8, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Another close Soros associate, Stanley Druckenmiller, whom Forbes once referred to as “George Soros’s main man,” gave three separate contributions of $150,000 to the Kasich super PAC, for a total of $450,000. Druckenmiller heads the Duquesne Family Office hedge fund firm. Druckenmiller made his first donation to the Kasich super PAC on Aug. 10 and the other two in February.

Bessent and Druckenmiller have both contributed heavily to other Republican politicians over the years, as well as Democrats.

Bessent has given money to Lindsey Graham, the Jeb Bush Super PAC, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and two Democrats. Druckenmiller has given money to the Bush Super PAC, Romney, the NRCC, and John McCain and President Obama in 2008.

You can listen to Beck’s earlier remarks above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

UPDATE –– 4:42 pm EST: TheBlaze deputy managing editor Jason Howerton tweeted this out in response to this post:

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