Gloria Allred Demonstrates Unspeakable Acts With A Baseball Bat In Weirdest Press Conference Ever

Ok, this story, if true, is terrible. Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell has been accused of yelling “homophobic slurs” at fans during a game in San Francisco and making obscene gestures with a baseball bat. One of the fans pointed out that his two young daughters could hear him and McDowell allegedly responded “Kids don’t f**king belong at the baseball park.” Again, if this is true, it’s terrible and shouldn’t be made light of…that being said…this video of a press conference the family held with headline-grabbing attorney Gloria Allred is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Here’s the scene: Allred and the family held the conference yesterday where they called for McDowell and the team to apologize and be fined. Fair enough. Makes sense. However, watching Allred read the transcript of the (alleged) conversation while flacked by stone-faced twin girls and then seeing she and the father, Justin Quinn, reenact the obscene gestures with a baseball bat is absolutely surreal.

I really feel for the family. If you can’t take your kids to a baseball game, where can you take them? However, at the same time, I’m just mesmerized by how they all kept a straight face during this. Seriously. Go find a baseball bat and use it and a hand to demonstrate anal sex for your coworkers and try not to laugh. Now imagine doing that in front of tons of reporters from media outlets all over the country! Impossible!

But, yeah, again, this is a terrible, terrible story.

(h/t Slate)

Watch the video from TMZ below:

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