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John Ziegler’s Review of Going Rogue

Perhaps the most important (as well as substantive) elements involve Palin’s critique of the news media and her explanation of why she felt she had to resign.

Many media members (Charlie Gibson, Norah O’Donnell, Andrea Mitchell) are specifically called out, but Katie Couric is rightfully eviscerated for her conduct during her numerous interviews with Palin (for which Couric was laughably given a Walter Cronkite Journalism Award from USC). This was not done (as it has been portrayed in the news media) out of spite or revenge, but rather, as Palin proves in the book, because Couric’s agenda was as clear as it was inappropriate. I just wish Palin had gone into even more detail (as my documentary does) about how CBS edited that now infamous set of interviews with the obvious intent of making Palin look as bad as possible.

I was thrilled to see Palin deal fully and candidly with the much misunderstood issue of her resignation. I have been both privately and publicly critical of her for not laying a better foundation for people to understand why she had to what she did. In Going Rogue Palin finally lays it all out it in way that should make everyone short of Keith Olbermann understand it (I am still happy to explain it to Keith if he has the guts).

I strongly believe that if every Republican primary voter reads this book, Sarah Palin will win the 2012 nomination in a landslide, whether she wants it or not.

As for the book’s revelations, I have had to laugh at the ones that the media still suffering from full-blown “Palin Derangement Syndrome” have chosen to highlight in a desperate and transparent attempt to diminish a potential reader’s reasons for buying the book. Here are just some (a “Top Ten” if you will) of the subjects that she tackles that I found far more interesting than those about which you may have already heard.

  • What Palin calls John Kerry because of his infamous “Stuck in Iraq” joke.
  • How Palin has changed her mind on how Hillary Clinton handled unfair media coverage.
  • That one of Palin’s greatest regrets in the campaign deals with Reverend Jeremiah Wright.
  • How she now sees her campaign predictions for what an Obama presidency would look like.
  • What she was doing just moments before her amazing convention speech (if she were a Democrat I guarantee that this story would be highlighted in every “sneak peek” news article and would become the stuff of instant legend).
  • What Palin-written jokes SNL rejected in order to protect Alec Baldwin (they were funnier than those eventually approved by the show’s producers).
  • How many times Katie Couric badgered Palin about the issue of abortion, hoping for her to out herself as a religious nut.
  • The moment that inspired Palin to go into politics, which makes her much more of a real environmentalist than Al Gore.
  • How much the McCain vetting team REALLY knew about her and her family when she was chosen.
  • How she is actually extremely gracious and charitable to Steve Schmidt, who I personally know as a blatant liar and who really ought to read the book before he makes a further fool of himself (if that is even possible).

Of course, what everyone really wants to know is whether she is going to run for president in 2012. I have stated my personal opinion to her personally as well as to the Today Show audience: that I believe she would be best to wait until 2016 to run for President (assuming she even has any desire to do so), mostly because I still maintain that Obama is a heavy favorite for reelection.

Before I read this book I was pretty much convinced that Palin would not run for President in 2012 and that she was accepting of the possibility that she will never run for political office again. I now believe that it is very possible that she will run in 2012. This is not because I have read the tea leaves and discovered a hidden message (which, for the record, I did before her resignation), but rather because I believe that if this book is the success that it could and should be, there will be a groundswell among the Republican base demanding that she run. I strongly believe that if every Republican primary voter reads this book, Sarah Palin will win the 2012 nomination in a landslide, whether she wants it or not.

Even if nothing like that ever transpires, I am excited by what I read from Sarah Palin. I had come to believe that all the criticism she and her family have endured had left her a bit “punch drunk” and that her special essence as a political figure had been permanently contaminated, at least to some small extent. Thankfully, I was wrong. The real Sarah Palin is alive and well, and now you have the chance to finally find out who she is and understand why millions of her fans are so devoted to her, even when she is just a private citizen who cares deeply about her country.

In 2008, John Ziegler wrote, directed and produced the documentary “Blocking the Path to 9/11″ and created as a precursor to his next film, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected,” which came out in early 2009 and screened in over 20 theaters. A trailer video for that documentary has been viewed by at least 2.3 million people on You Tube.

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