Google Data: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Now Tops ‘Tea Party’ In Recent Searches

Google’s “Politics and Elections Blog” released data on Thursday revealing some interesting statistics about the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Searches for Occupy Wall Street, according to Google’s Jake Parrillo, currently outpace Tea Party queries, but that’s expected, as it’s a buzzy topic. What Google uncovered, though, was that when both were gathering steam, OWS still outpaced Tea Party in search traffic during their respective early phases. And the blog pinpoints the exact moment when OWS took over the “most-searched” title from the Tea Party: September 24. Since then, OWS searches have far outpaced those for the Tea Party.

Another interesting nugget unearthed by Parrillo is that while the most “Occupy Wall Street” searches are coming from, predictably, New York City, the most searches for the “Occupy” term aren’t coming from anywhere near the east coast — they’re coming from Portland, Oregon. And over the last 90 days, Parrillo says that the greatest interest in searches for both “Occupy” and “Occupy Wall Street” are coming from Vermont.

For those interested in fair play, Parrillo says that the two movements are almost equal in the volume of news coverage:

Despite big leads in polls and search traffic for Occupy Wall Street, it is almost in a dead heat with the Tea Party for the volume of news coverage. Using Advanced Search in Google News we found that between October 7 and last week, Occupy Wall Street only barely bests the Tea Party when we examine the number of news pieces covering each movement: 29,000 to 22,000.

And for Tea Partiers upset with the movement being overshadowed by the OWS searchers, there is one smidgen of a silver lining: Occupy Wall Street searches have been on a steep downward trend, after peaking on October 15.

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