comScore Google Trends: Curious About Chappaquiddick or Google Bomb by the Right?

Google Trends: Curious About Chappaquiddick or Google Bomb by the Right?

Picture 7With news of the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy media outlets have been searching for phrases and narratives to put his death in the proper historic context. It’s true that sometimes no one’s really sure about how we feel about an event or news item — then Google Trends comes along and tells what people are most curious about. Or, there is a right-wing effort to gin the system via “Google Bombing“.

A quick look at Google Trends tells us that there is a vast amount of interest in Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne. But there is already a lot of chatter on Twitter that suggests that the preponderance of search queries listed by Google Trends is a result of right-wing “Google Bombing” – a practices intended to influence the ranking of particular pages, in results returned by the Google search engine.

Aug 26, 2009 –  change date
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1. tropical storm danny
2. mary jo kopechne
3. chappaquiddick
4. chappaquiddick incident
5. hurricane danny
6. joan kennedy
7. kfc new sandwich
8. vicki kennedy
9. ted kennedy chappaquiddick
10. ted kennedy funeral arrangements
11. crystal renn
12. azusa fire
13. chapaquitic
14. camping sites in nc state parks
15. mike barnicle
16. morris fire
17. ronnie spector
18. victoria reggie kennedy
19. papa johns camaro free pizza
20. patrick kennedy
21. chapaquitic kennedy
22. kennedy compound hyannisport
23. kara kennedy allen
24. national day of service
25. kate gosselin on larry king
26. ted kennedy killed a woman
27. senator kennedy
28. kennedy siblings
29. ellie greenwich
30. kennedy brothers
31. ted kennedy car accident
32. kennedy family tree
33. edward kennedy wiki
34. william kennedy smith
35. rabelaisian
36. district 9.exe
37. ted kennedy military service
38. curran raclin
39. joseph kennedy jr
40. joe kennedy
41. michael jackson still alive
42. arlington national cemetary
43. kfc double down
44. mega millions winning numbers 8 25 09
45. robert kennedy
46. hank kuehne
47. caroline kennedy
48. mass lottery
49. massachusetts governor
50. joan bennett kennedy pictures
51. ed kennedy
52. teddy kennedy
53. big brother 11 episode 21
54. hyannis port ma
55. chappaquiddick island
56. lizzie miller
57. rapidshare down
58. ted kennedy legislative accomplishments
59. caroline raclin
60. orchids and growing or planting
61. mass lottery mega millions
62. kopechne family
63. robert byrd
64. kennedy curse
65. strom thurmond
66. standard hotel in manhattan
67. atlantis continent shuttle film movie
68. jam or jelly
69. massachusetts lottery
70. women s equality day
71. ethel kennedy
72. longest serving senator
73. george hamilton
74. chappaquiddick bridge
75. msdsm driver
76. how many kennedys are left
77. white people stole my car
78. armstrong and getty
79. john schnatter
80. president clinton and foreign policy
81. james auchincloss
82. angeles national forest fire
83. megamillions lottery results
84. fangorn
85. waterbury
86. ma lottery
87. bobby kennedy
88. ted kennedy mary jo
89. megan fox catwoman
90. ted kennedy drunk driving
91. ted kennedy s first wife
92. movies advertising
93. azusa ca
94. microsoft poland
95. kennedy death
96. the players club
97. batman arkham asylum walkthrough
98. shane dawson wikipedia
99. dove world outreach center
100. patrick stump arrested

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