GOP Sen.’s Campaign Goes After Reporter for ‘Unprofessional, Ridiculous Hit Piece’

On the climactic last day of the Mississippi Republican Senate primary (ha ha, just kidding, there’s a runoff in three weeks), The Atlantic reporter Molly Ball came out with an unflattering profile of incumbent Senator Thad Cochran titled “Thad Cochran, the Last of the Naive Republicans.” And amid all the observations about Cochran’s political strategy and how he’s part of a dying breed, Ball also shares an anecdote about how she interviewed Cochran, and then half an hour later, he walked up and introduced himself like they had just met.

Clearly, Cochran’s campaign is none too pleased about the report, and Cochran’s communications director told Business Insider that Ball “is a journalist trying to make a name for herself” and “should be embarrassed” by the story.

And he takes particular umbrage at some kind of insinuation about Cochran’s age in the anecdote about him not remembering meeting her already.

“Molly Ball’s article is the most unprofessional, ridiculous, hit piece thing I have ever seen… There were hundreds of people standing there. He did dozens of interviews…with people like MSNBC. I have no idea how he would have remembered who she was.”

Ball responded by pointing out there were less than a hundred people at the event and did exactly three interviews, one with her, and not “dozens.”

[image via U.S. Senate]

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